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At Your Request Landscaping & Tree Service

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Need a new instant lawn? Or just part of your lawn repaired? We provide Sod installation and repair.

We specialize in St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia!

We don’t skip any part of the process.

  1. We till 4” - 6” down to put oxygen back into the soil.
  2. Only fresh cut sod installed (not day old sod)
  3. Roll out with a 200 lb. roller to insure a lump free yard

We offer premium seasoned hardwood fire wood. Delivery is free in Tarrant County.
Our seasoned  firewood is Cut, Split and Delivered by the Cord*-

Minimum order 1/2 Cord = (4' x4' x4' )

Our firewood is composed of seasoned hardwoods for the best fires.

At Your Request!

Call today for a Free Estimate- (817) 500 7107Call today for a Free Estimate- (817) 500 7107Call today for a Free Estimate- (817) 500 7107

Our Stump Grinding service utilizes state of the art equipment and factory trained operators. Finish the job and remove unsightly stumps.

We have the experience and equipment to provide superior  tree services* with specialties in:

No matter the size or difficulty of the tree service we always strive for efficiency and safety.

*We can at your request leave any logs. Cutting logs into firewood lengths may incur a small extra cost depending on size and amount.